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GMG Joint and Tendon Rejuvination

GMG Joint and Tendon Rejuvination

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The first ever interactive joint and tendon rejuvenation supplement. GMG Performance Collagen + Vitamin C is dosed directly inline with the most recent medical research. Not only will it provide collagen synthesis and restoration to joints in need, but you'll gain access to an entire tendon session platform via the QR Code on the bottle; teaching you how to load, target, and rebuild your connective tissue. 

In addition, there is calcium, magnesium, and potassium providing elite level hydration if this product is being taken as maintenance prior to running, lifting, training, practicing, etc. 

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Box size 10 x 7 x .

Weight approx. 1.75 lbs.

Care Instructions

Once opened, please store in a safe, cool, dry location as requested.

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